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A self-checklist for when the main entrance doesn't open

Check the following when the main entrance doesn't open well. 1. Is the Bluetooth and mobile data turned on 2. Is sensitivity set as high 3. Is the detailed address correct 4. Is the application updated 5. Do the iPhone users have the application on their background and set their location information tracking as [Always Allow] 6. Do the android (Samsung, LG) users have their location information tracking as [Always Allow] [Others] 1. Thick wallet type smartphone cases can cause jamming and interfere between the connection with the main entrance device 2. The main entrance device transmits waves to the front. Hence it can take time to open when the user comes near from the side which is why we recommend sensitivity to be high.

Is it true that the location information is collected constantly?

The location information is not collected and stored in the server. It is only used to send signals to the application on the main entrance device to open the door. Please set Location Information Tracking as [Always Allow] to use the service in a stable manner.

Are there no issues with excessive battery consumption due to continuous Bluetooth use?

KEYRING has optimized battery use via constant updates for the last four months, so users do not have to be worried.

What kind of service is KEYRING?

It is a blockchain-based integrated digital key platform that unites all keys together.

Why should I use KEYRING?

First, it is convenient since KEYRING can replace the numerous and diverse keys in our everyday lives. Second, KEYRING is the most secure digital key well protected from hacking and forgery.

Where can I download the application?

Search KEYRING on Google Play Store or App Store. You can download it from the link below. Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.keywe.keyring App Store: https://apps.apple.com/sg/app/%ED%82%A4%EB%A7%81-keyring/id1598834378?l

Hello, Sesame
Until when will the mining service be available?

70% of the total issuance of Sesame Coins is provided within the platform. When the corresponding 350 million is all mined, then mining is complete.

Hello, Sesame
Where can I see my invitation code?

Click "Hello, Sesame" > "Invite Friend" > "Send invitation Link" and the link will be sent. If the friend joins through the link, 1 SSC is immediately granted to the you and your friend.

Hello, Sesame
Is 8 hours the longest period I can mine?

Mining is completed 8 hours after the initial "Start" button is clicked. The "Start" button has to be clicked again for mining to resume.

Hello, Sesame
Can one person mine with multiple accounts?

One person cannot own multiple accounts. When uncovered, the account and all information will be deleted.

Digital Key
Is KEYRING compatible with existing methods such as passwords and RF cards?

Yes, the existing methods are still available and KEYRING only requires additional installation.

Digital Key
Can temporary entry rights be granted?

Temporary digital key for guests can be issued by clicking the "Invite Guest" button.

Digital Key
What is the user registration process?

The user downloads the KEYRING application on the smartphone and joins. When the administrator approves the user from the administrator's page, registration is complete.

Digital Key
Is punching required on top of the automatic door for installation?

Yes, punching is required for stable installation and the process takes approximately an hour.

Digital Key
In the case of office use, can the user grant entry rights to visitors through the administrator's page?

Yes, entry rights can the given to regular visitors who are not employees. However, we advise that entry rights are provided after thorough revision of security.

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